Award (Robert T. Beckett)

MSgt. Conrad said:

In WO1 Kear's first OCS scrimmage, Pvt. Beckett put on the other half of a show that captivated all of Charlie Company. From his vantage point in the town of Goisse, Pvt. Beckett put himself in a strong defensive oversight over both the Northern and Southern approaches of the town. Using deliberate and careful movement, he maneuvered himself within his holdout to secure a number of kills. His attentive ears and coordination over the radio aided in a number of key targets being hunted and eliminated within the town, including FSgt. Balzer and other primary assault elements. After racking up at least five kills on his own and directing teammates to many others, he found himself one on one with Pvt. Ahlinder in a careful battle of sloths. Though he eventually succumbed to grenade shrapnel and a large volume of 5.56mm, his performance was instrumental to the very near victory of the OpFor team against WO1 Kear.


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