Awards (Frederic Ahlinder)

WO1 Kear said:

During the first round of WO1 Kear's OCS scrimmage as a member of the assaulting team Pvt. Ahlinder armed with his trusty rifle displayed tenacity, ferocity and an indomitable spirit when faced with overwhelming odds. The scrim's conclusion came down to a tense 3v1 leaving Pvt. Ahlinder, out-numbered and out-gunned, undeterred he moved meticulously through the objective, a small town; careful at every corner and surrounded on all sides, he survived grenades, small arms fire, alternating between killing and patching up his wounds he consistently relocated and demonstrated supreme excellence as an infantryman. For this display of exemplar battlefield performance, amassing a total of five kills despite being wounded in action, Pvt. Ahlinder is being awarded both the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. Congratulations Pvt.


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