Arma 3 EXILE Server

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Discussion and feedback related to the 29th ID's Arma 3 Exile server.

Port: 2349


  • Be kind to the Bambies -- 5 minute safe time
  • Highest ranking 29th ID member is the current administrator. Report issues at: this thread
  • No building across roads, or close to trader areas. Do not block access to safezones or access to trader areas
  • No camping outside safezones, stealing vehicles inside savezones, harassing people inside safezones, or firing in the safezones
  • No racism, excessive swearing, arguing, harassment, or political or religious discussions
  • Do not recruit for your own unit/clan in our servers


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    Written by Cpl. Donofrio

    With the recent introduction of the Exile server on ArmA III, the amount of 29th and community members playing on the server has increased exponentially. While this growth it great to see, and we encourage our members and the community to use the server, I can't help but notice some issues.

    The 29th has been blessed with legitimacy. This unit prides itself on its maturity and ability to function well without drama, and in a professional environment. The Exile server does not have any weapon restrictions and the rules and normal bounds of killing fellow members do not apply in this server. Exile caters to a fun and interesting avenue of combat that our members are not use to drills and most other 29th functions. But this new avenue of combat has chance to stir into real trouble. Ergo, I am offering some advice on how to proceed with the Exile server and laying down some ground rules.

    Before I begin with some rules, let me first say that as NCO's and as leadership, it is still our responsibility to keep order and pay attention to the behavior of those around us. In a server where it is perfectly acceptable to kill high ranking officers (CW3 Hill, Lt. Col.) and everyone else does not mean anyone shouldn't show respect. It is our job to pay attention to others behaviors and fix the situation, if you see anyone being disrespectful to someone else, if you see people arguing in teamspeak or on in game chat, it is our job to quell the situation and remind them that is not 29th behavior.

    Here is a list of rules I propose for the Exile server, and these can be amended.

    1. Do not kill, or stalk anyone who is in the same teamspeak channel as you. If you plan to kill people on the server, set yourself up in a different channel when you join the server.

    2. If you get killed, looted, attacked by another player, NPC, or anything happens that makes you mad, do not complain about it. Do not argue about it. This is a game and a PVP one at that. Accept the fact that you can be killed, and your stuff taken, move on, and do not berate the person who killed you.

    3. Be careful with how much you taunt and what you say. It's OK to be somewhat competitive, but watch the words you say to people. Exile is still a 29th server, you will watch what you say to people on Teamspeak and in the server, this applies to chat aswell. If you wouldn't say it directly to FSgt. Balzers face, or Lt. Col., you know you shouldn't say it.

    4. Salute officers as they enter and exit the server, just like you would at drill. The Exile server still is a 29th server, you are expected to follow the traditions of the 29th. Weapon restrictions do not apply on the server, but that does not mean you do not Salute if an officer is present.

    5. Respect your fellow 29th members and community members. The Exile server may breed familiarity between officers, NCO's, and enlisted, as the Exile server allows the 3 types of ranks to mix together in interesting ways not normally scene at drills. This familiarity does not warrant you to not follow 29th policy. You are to address those with higher ranks you with respect, making "Off" comments, and acting out of turn toward other members will not be tolerated.

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