Found WWII Truck at Scrap Yard -- Looking for Info.

Posted here on behalf of @Omahabeachomahabeach which he had posted on his activity wall. Might be more visible here.

My father was on Omaha beach on D-day as part of the 175th that was sent out with the 116th on D-day My son as well as I are gear heads and when he dumped off a load of scrap metal at a local scrap yard found a 1966 Kaiser M35 ready for the crusher The markings on the bumpers are as follows : Passenger side: 29 ID 3-111 AD Driver side HQ 92 As much as I can figure out it was part of the 29th Division, 3 Battalion, 111 Regiment Air defense Not sure regarding the Headquarter 92 description Thanks for any info you can provide Thanks
Forgot to mention we obviously saved truck from crusher For any info contact me at email Thanks again Chris
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