TWITCH vs 29th

Hey greetings from TWITCH clan!

We would like to schedule a small or big game with your clan since we are still slowly growing on RS2V
we would like to start with a 8x8 Skirmish , 3 maps both sides 5 rounds per map, respawn time on 5 secs so there is no lurking around for enemy locations, if possible also no freefly at all.

and or territory 12x12 or more, 2 a 3 different maps

Date + time Sunday, 5th /12th Oktober 21:00GMT+1 Amsterdam time zone, we can also schedule for 2 weekends!

we can still discuss all the options over on discord!
Discord :
twitch :
Steam : monkeyshotg


  • Thank you for your offer. However, we are not currently accepting any sort of challenges from other groups as we have just moved over to the game in the last month. We will keep you in mind for future events.

  • alright, conrad let me know when you guys are ready for a game, good luck!

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