Badges (Jeffrey Hauser)

2Lt. Nelson Said:

"PFC Hauser has become an integral part of CP1, both acting as a trusty squadmate to S2 and bolstering the numbers guesting with the rest. He understands the need for teamwork, and never ceases to strive to work together with whomever he finds himself with. Hauser is also prone to volunteering for anything under the sun, as he has a clear drive to help improve what we do, and how we do it. He has recently taken on the role of Combat Engineer for S2 and has diligently performed his duties thus far. I think we are all glad to have him back after his brief hiatus, and therefore we thank you for your service and dedication and are proud to award you with your Expert Infantry Badge and your Rifle Marksman AQB.

Congrats, PFC!"


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