Award (Nemanja K. Knezevic)

Sgt. Miochevich said:

PFC Knezevic has been a valued, respected and beloved member of AP1S2 for quite a bit now. From the very beginnings of his service in the 29th Infantry Division, he has distinguished himself as a confident person, not too shy and willing to speak up and act according to the best of his abilities. His capabilities only grew as time passed: he became an excellent machine gunner, a worthy heir of PFC Virta, as well as an exemplar of a proper PFC through his dedication, pure grit and the utmost loyalty to his squad and his platoon. Many members have passed through S2, but PFC Knezevic always stuck around, a constant support to his squad leadership through thick and thin.

PFC Knezevic has, in time, become one of the veterans of S2, and one of my best friends in the unit - someone I would and do gladly call a dear friend in real life as well. Having him on my side as an Assistant Squad Leader has proven to be a great boon to the squad, as he is diligent and responsible, always encouraging the lads to strive ever forward. For all these reasons, I was thrilled when he finally received the well deserved NCO Professional Development Ribbon, as his hard work has finally paid off with a proper reward.

Congratulations, my friend - you have finally earned it. Alal ti vera!


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