Five Years of Service (Lukas V. Christiansen)

edited November 2017 in Promotions and Awards

2Lt. Kear said:

Sgt. Christiansen, famed NCO and formerly of Baker, arrived in Charlie at the most fortuitous time imaginable, I'd been running CP2 more or less alone for around a year and despite my best efforts the burden of running an entire platoon solo was starting to show: I cared deeply for those in my charge and worried that they had nobody else in CP2 HQ to turn to when I wasn't around... until divine intervention brought Sgt. Christiansen into CP2 HQ and he is now performing above and beyond the duties assigned to him. There isn't another man I'd want at my side helping push CP2 onward unto victory and a finer platoon sergeant you could not find. Suffice to say I worry no longer! For this, it is an absolute honour to award Sergeant Christiansen his tenth army of occupation medal for five years of service! Five more! Congratulations Sergeant.


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