Help me with my work!

Yep, you read that right.

So, my real world job requires me to do a lot of research into things I don't know much about. One of those tasks I'm currently doing is trying to find out social media platforms that are used internationally that are not your twitter, instagram, tumblr, facebook, youtube sites. If you guys are not United States based and you use something other than those sites mentioned already, I would appreciate it you guys could give me a hand! (The school that I work at wants to use these sites to get you to come and study in the USA)

Anywho, thanks in advance!


  • Hi Captain,

    Tough one as the UK and America are very similar with topics like this. I think the closest I can think of is this:

    When I was in school a few years back they wanted us all to log into that and chat to other students, find new hobbies and talk about literally anything with people. Similar to Facebook, you can share your own content, start discussions, edit your privacy controls and add friends. Stuff like that. What's better is that everyone is generally the same age (15, 16, 17?) so they probably relate to your purpose more than anything.

    Unsure if this'll help you, but it's all I've got ;) Goodluck.

  • Thats perfect and exactly the demographic I'm looking for! Keep 'em coming in!

  • Shout-out to VK. It's probably bigger than Facebook in many ex-Soviet countries. I'm on mobile unfortunately, so I can't link, but a quick Google search will probably lead to some good results.

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