Question About 29th Drill Schedules and Times

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Hi, I have known your Division for some time, and before I start, I just want to say that this group is awesome. Played with some of you in RS2 last night.
To the main question, I really want to join your group and with the fact that one of my friend is also in the Division also heighten the wanness to join.
But the problem that bothers me it's the time of the drills. I'm in school and have work, I also living with my family, so my schedule is kind of limited. But I really want to join, so... I would be grateful if there's any advice for me.
P.S: I'm kinda new to this group, just registered, so forgive me if I post this discussion in the wrong place.
Thank you


  • Hello. It's great to hear that you've been enjoying your time playing with the 29th and are willing to enlist. We understand real life comes first and a perfect attendance rate is by no means a requirement. I'd advise checking in with your friend and seeing what days and times work for you and decide based upon that whether or not you'd have time for participation in our unit.

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