Badges (Benjamin A. Gibson)

Sgt. Boelter said:

I first met PFC Gibson in AP2S2 in RO2. I grew to like him very quickly and noticed he was willing to learn and adapt his gameplay. He put in the time to pub and practice his skills and it has shown throughout drills from RO2 to Squad now. PFC Gibson has grasped his knowledge in Squad very quickly and is a very effective soldier on the battlefield. I am very happy to award you your Rifle Marksmen Badge and I hope you continue shooting people well.

Cpl. Willis said:

PFC Gibson has shown these past few months how dedicated a member of the 29th he truly us. From his near-perfect attendance to his long hours spent helping develop the Lighthouse BCT program he has demonstrated his desire to do everything he can to better the unit. PFC Gibson continues to impress now taking on another duty by recruiting new soldiers into the 29th. Congrats on your 1st CAB Gibby and I'm sure there are many more in the future!


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