Five Years of Service (Collin R. Kelso)

Sgt. Robles said:

There aren't many people in the 29th that can say they've been in the unit for half a decade -- just recently, Cpl. Kelso became one of these losers. Apparently, this guy has recruited everyone and their mothers into the 29th, so I guess, he's kinda important to the unit. Aside from having no life, recruiting the population of Vatican City, and being sub-par in the meme department, there isn't anything else redeeming about him. All jokes aside, he is a pretty straightforward guy. He is always honest with any individual and tries his hardest to appease me. I know I may not always say it but I am very glad to have a guy like him as my ASL; I can look past all his flaws. Congratulations on your 10th AoCC my friend! Here's too many, many more!


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