Badges (Fabian G. Yukki )

Sgt.Peroni said:

PFC Yukki is undeniably one of the key members of the platoon for different reasons. Not only he is a very good player, with great situational awareness and general in game skills, he is also currently the most active recruiter in DP1, and his efforts to contribute to the growth of our newly formed Company are to be kept in high consideration. Not to mention he also recently became platoon clerk, thus contributing even further. Yukki is definitely one of the fast learners in the new game, and as such he is being awarded his Rifle Marksman AQB. In addition to this, he is also being awarded his 2nd Combat Action Badge for the five guys he successfully recruited in our ranks. Congratulations, PFC! Keep it up.

Rifle Marksman Badge

Combat Action Badge, 2nd Award


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