Three Years of Service (Mathias V. Olsen)

Cpl. Svenson said:

As is the case with a lot of my squadmates, I feel like I sorely lack the qualification to speak about the performance of Mr. Olsen here. Even before I joined S1 he has been sniping well, and even before I joined S1 I knew this very well. So imagine my surprise when it suddenly dawns on me that I now have to do a write up, as a Squad Leader no less, for someone who was basically my young 16-year old recruit idol. Anyway, Olsen certainly lives up to the legend, not only as a skilled rifleman, but also as a veteran of the 29th. This month he celebrates another portion of time well spent here, and like a fine wine, he's only gotten better with age. Here's to many more years of fine work T/5, congratulations on your 6th AOCC!


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