Planning on buying a new graphic card or new PC? WAIT!

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At the moment, because of crypto miners (bitcoin and such), there is a heavy increase in prices on videocards, as these are used to calculate the blocks that become bitcoins in the bitcoin mines.

The prices are insane for some cards now, example:

"I bought a EVGA GTX 980 back in 2015, for $520. RMAed it last year (it died), got a 1070 back. That 1070 is now worth $200 more than what I paid for my 980 over 2 years ago."

"I bought an rx 480 8gb for 249 and its going for 710 plus shipping on amazon right now."

Another example is the card i bought on November 2014, a MSI Radeon R9 290X (4gig version), back than i bought it for €339, the last known price here on June, 2017 was between €483 and €516!!

So take my advice, wait until the bitcoin mine craze is dying down a bit and than invest into a new videocard or computer, or you will be paying double!

But you can also turn this into a positive and sell a old videocard you have lying around to get something more out of it!

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