Two Years of Service (Auguste J. Declerc)

Sgt. Ternby said:

PFC Declerc joined my squad after the latest expansion and was one of the guys who were interested in grabbing the Heavy AIT. Unfortunately, we had 3 interested in an AIT which only two Soldiers in the squad could have. PFC Declerc then choose to pick something other than his favourite AIT and Went with the CE AIT. With it he's been doing very well. He showed promise right from the start and has kept on improving since then. While he is doing well with the zook, it shows that he's been a Heavy in the past and it's quite clear why automatic weapons are his favourite. It's been several times in the past few months when the PFC has totally Dominated with the light and Heavy AITs, getting pitted in 1v6 situations and making it out alive. He's one of the most proficient that I've seen with those AIT and it's a real pleasure to have such a killing machine in the squad. Not only that, the PFC also shows great promise as a leader and I'm sure that if he chooses to go on the SLT path in the future, he'll do very well! PFC Declerc has now reached quite the milestone in his 29th career, 2 years of service! For that he's not only eligible for his fourth AOCC, but also his First WW1 victory medal! Congratulations PFC and welcome to the Rainbow club!


  • Congratulations Declerc! You're a very versatile Soldier and it's been great having you in my squad in these last months of 29th DH! I'm sure that you've got a very Bright future ahead of you in the 29th! Keep it up!

  • Way to go mate, congratulations!

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