Four Years and Six Months of Service (Henry Doe)

edited February 2018 in Promotions and Awards

Sgt. Van Middel said:

PFC Doe is one of the guys who have been under my command for many years now, he showed great promise when he joined in March 2012 and impressed everyone with his skills with the rifle and especially the role of Combat Engineer. He took a little break from the unit only to rejoin as an ELOA Adjudant in the reserves, He came back to active duty in september of 2016 and because of his enthousiasm, his ability to rally the men and good attendance, he got into SLT. More then a half a year later PFC Doe became ASL of Squad 2. During this time he trained to make new maps and edit some of the older ones, while supporting me in and out drills. PFC Doe has an amazing record in this unit, one that newer members should look up too. Thanks for all the great work and help you provided over the years and congrats with your NINTH Army of Occupation Medal!


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