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  • I was not aware of that that you can blow up the wire with grenades

  • So the server's unranked. Meaning nobody can see it unless something happens to drive them to look at the unranked section.

    Maybe you should set up your platoon server with heroes of the west. As it's rather easy to set up and it means you won't screw up your public HOTW server. Very easy to transition as well. Once it's installed it's simply a case of changing maps in the config for whatever theatre of war you want to play.

  • This was not due to our private mutators but because the startup commandline was telling the server to go to a WF map on start/restart. We'd obviously want the server to automatically go to a WF map should it crash or restart, however it does not seem feasible as it sets the server unranked.

    This has been redeemed and the server is now ranked again.

  • That's up to TWI to fix that. The game goes "wtf is this WF map" when it sees the command line so makes it unranked. As TWI are pretty strict when it comes to ranking servers. Helps with boosters though.

  • Coming soon.

  • @Lemonater47
    Coming soon.

    Blimey! That looks really cool, cant wait.

  • Nice, can't wait for the release!!

  • enter image description here

    Download WF-Hill400B3

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    Changelog 12/08/2015:

    • Fixed bulletproof Foliage
    • Adjusted position of all 4 Caps
    • C and D now enable at same time and lock when BOTH are Captured
    • C is completely below ground
    • D is completely above ground
    • Made larger entrance to Axis side of Bunker
    • Germans spawn closer prior to B being captured
    • Added Ambient Artillery in the distance
    • Modified spawn protection
    • D longer to cap (30 secs)
    • Replaced Leaf texture with pine needle texture in Terrain
    • Modified falling leaves to be brown and orange rather than green
    • Added more trees, bushes, rocks, craters, and debris everywhere
    • Added burning trees
    • Right side bunker access for attacking Allies is now a Satchel Obj
    • Added a port hole at same location for Germans to defend from
    • Added destroyable barbed wire around perimeter of Hill (grenades or satchels)
    • Added small trenches in A
    • Added more mine fields near perimeter of hill E and West ends
    • Added a new texture for large rocks
    • Added new concrete texture and Damage Decal
    • Added a fortified building in the rear of D
    • Added several destroyed sdKfz meshes to map
    • Lowered volume of Owls
    • Added Crow sounds
    • Added a radio in D
    • Added Another fixed MG in D
    • Added Ammo Resupply in D
    • Toned down overwhelming reverb when underground
    • Added an electrified Radio Antennae in D
    • Added a new damage system (Electrocute) to environment...for fun
    • Added many more Dragons teeth of varying sizes
    • Tripled number of destructible objects on map
    • Added 2 mins to time
    • Added light snow falling
    • Improved Bots capping abilities (still not perfect)
    • Modified lighting slightly
    • Brightened Fog slightly
    • Door to the bunker in D no longer explodes automatically
    • Added No Arty Zones to both Village spawns (Axis and Allies)
  • I would also highly recommend removing donner from rotation. It's designed for 8v8. Not 32v32. Just turns into a 40 minute long stalemate.

  • enter image description here

    Download WF-PortBrestB5.roe Here

    Changelog 12/31/2015:

    • Removed Infinite Satchels from House in B
    • Added numerous Craters
    • Added roads and paths around River
    • Added reeds, rocks, and natural cover to River
    • Doubled the amount of trees
    • Varied size, shape, and position of trees
    • Narrowed river on the flanks
    • Added several Metal panels to the bridge for cover
    • Increased Allies Reinforcements to 550
    • Added Streetlights and Sidewalks to City
    • Added more light in Final Cap (D)
    • Added more upper floors in Final Cap (D)
    • Added Catwalks in Final Cap (D)
    • Modified several stock textures to fit Western Europe Theater
    • Added destructible fuel trucks
    • Adjusted culling to prevent large buildings from popping into view
    • Added Spawn for allies attacking B
    • Added / Modified Ambient Battle noise
    • Fixed Windows in B that could not be Mantled
    • Added / Updated Spawn Protection for both sides
    • Modified Objective bounds
    • Added Objective borders to overhead map
    • Axis spawn moves back slightly after initial spawn
    • Both Alleys in B and C are now open
    • Several houses in B and C are now completely open
    • Added several destroyed Sd.Kfz.
    • Added more natural sounds to river area
    • Added floating dust particles in air of A/B
    • Added new French Ad Signs and artwork
    • Added new Fuel Tank Damage Animation
    • Added Dragon88 custom made couch and bed
    • Added Dragon88 custom made fountain for Brest Courtyard
    • Modified destroyed Panzer IV skin to Lemonater's Western Fleck Pattern
    • Modified Hero Bot Pathing (Be Aware at distance!)
    • Added graffiti left by deviant soldiers
    • Added a road bridge to left side of A
    • Modified terrain of Dockyards
    • Added cracks to concrete of Dockyards
    • Modified Look of destructible Concrete walls and fences
    • Added details and cover to D / E
    • Added grid marks to overhead map
  • @Lemonater47 said:
    I would also highly recommend removing donner from rotation. It's designed for 8v8. Not 32v32. Just turns into a 40 minute long stalemate.

    Donner is literally designed for exactly 32vs32

  • Just bumping this as it looks like the server is still running the old version of Brest.

    New version here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/redorchestra2/Port_Brest/WF-PortBrestB5.roe

  • Still running the old version. I thought you guys had tons of admins.

  • edited January 2016

    Hey guys. It's the 18th. Still nothing.

    Capt Cranston is dead or something. He's not gonna update the server so someone else will have to do it. I get the feeling that people with access are simply relying on others to do it. Yeah it's supposed to be Cranstons job but he ain't doing his job.

  • I'll look into this.

  • edited January 2016


    And btw this WIP pic.

    Edit: Just noticed it was the wrong way round lol. Is fixed now but not the image.

  • Port Brest was updated on the server

  • Thanks, a new map was released today by PsychoPigeon, WF-Carentan
    Files here: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=115988

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