Badge (Joe C. Dahl)

Sgt. Dethfield said:

PFC Dahl has always had a special place in my heart. He was the sole survivor of the first batch of recruits I ever received as a brand new squad leader all the way back in AP3S2. Aside from a short stay in Dog company, I have had the pleasure of always being his terrifying overseer for his entire 29th career, constantly threatening him with various punishments if he did not show up to drills as I do to all of those under my care. He has never let me down, however, and has always done his best to avoid my wrath by learning all he can about his AIT at first, and then leadership. Since his recent jump over to EP2S4, he has not only continued this habit as far leadership goes but also in the basic use of the rifle in Squad. At this point, he has proven to be a competent rifleman who I can always rely on and I believe he has earned his Rifle Marksman Badge for Squad. Excellent work, Dahl. Show up to drills tomorrow or die.


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