Planetside 2: Electric Boogaloo

It's that time again to try and get people interested in Planetside 2.

A few of us have started up a new outfit on Emerald - US East on TR. All are welcome and we're looking to corrupt encourage more people to play with us.

If you're interested, hit me up and I'll get you in the outfit or just apply by searching for 29th Infantry Division TR (29TR). We don't have any specific times we're looking to play (ala the old Planetsaturdays), but once we get more people involved, we can look at more coordinated play sessions.

If you've never played Planetside 2, playing it with other 29thers is a great way to get your first taste of the game. It's free to play, so no worries about buying a game you won't like.

We'll see you on the battlefield.


  • Count me in.

  • What a coincidence, I just started playing PS2 2 weeks ago. Sign me up!

  • And right now theres a Double XP event from the 14th to the 18th ;)

  • We had 6 of us on last night and it was a blast. Get it reinstalled or installed and get on the field with us.

  • 8 of us single-handedly took a zone all by ourselves tonight and 29th TR was displayed on the global map for a solid 12 minutes! (until they took it back, that is)

  • We took a central point and held it for over an hour. Think its still in TR control as of this posting.

  • I've played since release and would be interested in playing with other 29thers. I was originally on Woodman until it was merged into Miller.

    My main is TR and I have a decent NC alt but are both located on Miller.

  • Is this still a thing? I've tried to get into PS2 a few times, but playing with randoms is... frustrating :). I'd love to give it another shot.

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