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  • But all those "Oh, so near"s wear you down through the years
    But I still see that tackle by Moore and when Lineker scored



  • ohhhh boy, England has to close down those late goals if they want to win the whole thing

  • my footage of the pub celebrations when England knocked Colombia out of the WC!

  • @"PFC Ixer [Ret.]" said:

    my footage of the pub celebrations when England knocked Colombia out of the WC!

    I PHYSICALLY could not watch. I went out into the park near us and there were literally 15 other nervous wrecks.

  • Someone was banging on the table so hard with their glass it smashed. Absolute SCENES when Pickford saved it and Dier slotted home, then I celebrated with 7 shots and stumbled home at 3am

  • De Bruyne is like the second coming of Pirlo.

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    Goodnight Brazil.

    Neymar - a show pony who goes down too easily. Glad they're going home.

  • wow, too harsh lol.
    Neymar was fine, it is not there was always like 9 dudes on top of him. Coutinho and Fernandinho were the curse

  • In the end the real finals will be France - Belgium, the rest is just boring from now on

  • It's coming home, lads.

  • Woot woot woot

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    No, T5, it's not harsh. That's an absurd statement. The better team definitely won in the end and Neymar has a lot of growing up to do. And he needs to keep his head up when things dont go to plan if he ever wants to be classed as even in the same league as Ronaldo and Messi.

    If you need a crazy compilation of Neymar diving then here you go. It's karma that he didn't get the penalty he SHOULD have been given - but the red got the right call after dismissing his claims the other 3, 4, 5 times.

    (also its coming home)

  • Lads that is literally it its actually coming home boys

  • I think they need more harsh punishments for players that dive. Neymar played 5 games in the tournament but spent 14 minutes laying on the ground, this is why a lot of the world has problems with football. Some of his dives should have been an instant red card, he would learn quickly to grow up then.

  • I have a bad feeling if we can't end the game in 90 mins.

  • Croatia will be tough but at the end of the day we should win.

    As for France vs Belgium, that's even tougher and I wouldn't like to bet who'd win. Hope the French do it though.

  • We might have to face the very possibility that it's not coming home.


  • It's not coming home.

  • Im over lads dont even care

  • welp........shit

  • it appears to me that it is not, at present, coming home

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    Of course its coming home.
    We just meant 2022 the whole time. Duh.

    ...4 more years of hurt...

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    Sorry it's going where? @"PFC Rodd"

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