In Memoriam: Jeffrey Hauser



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    Rest in peace T/4 Hauser


  • This saddens me, I knew T/4 Hauser from my previous tour of duty. A friendly face that was always up for a good fight in Arma. I have lost brothers in arms before and it is always a huge blow, this is sad in so many ways. My thoughts go to his friends and family, may you rest in peace brother.


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    Rest in peace T/4


  • Rest in peace T/4 Hauser!


  • Rest in peace T/4 Hauser


  • The other day T/4 Hauser and I were exchanging text chat about his recent return. We planned on doing some pubbing soon.
    He was a caring person who was a true friend both on and off the battlefield. The last time he left us we all knew he would return someday, it's hard to believe that he's gone again but this time will not be back. He told me the other day that he missed us when he was away, which is easy to understand because the 29th ID offers a sense of community, friendship and camaraderie. We need to carry on doing what we do in the 29th ID, this unit has esprit de corps and T/4 Hauser is an example of why.

    Salute T/4 Hauser, RIP Brother

  • Wow, the first friend I ever made in the 29th. RIP T/4.

  • I did not know T/4 Hauser Personally, but from what I am reading he seemed like a great guy to know and wish I had personally. RIP T/4 Hauser

  • Rest in peace T/4 Hauser.

  • Requiescat in pace, T/4 Hauser.


  • Arh sad news, i do remember Hauser RIP T/4..

  • I never got to speak with him, but from what I've read about him here in this thread, he seemed like a really great guy. Very sad to hear the news

    Rest in Peace T/4 Hauser

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    I never knew this man , but all i read here were only good things, i know not any of this words would mean nothing , or comfort his family , Rest in peace T/4 Hausser


  • Truly awful news, deepest condolences to all that knew him.

  • This is very sad news... All the best to family and friends!


  • "It gladdens me to know that Baldr’s father makes ready the benches for a banquet.
    Soon we shall be drinking ale from the curved horns.
    The champion who comes into Odin’s dwelling does not lament his death.
    I shall not enter his hall with words of fear upon my lips.
    The Æsir will welcome me. Death comes without lamenting… Eager am I to depart.
    The Dísir summon me home, those whom Odin sends for me from the halls of the Lord of Hosts.
    Gladly shall I drink ale in the high-seat with the Æsir.
    The days of my life are ended."

    I didn't get to know you very well, except in passing. But it seems you were appreciated as a friend here and will be greeted well by your ancestors.

    Til Valhalla Salute

  • What news to come back to. Rest in peace - you were far too young.

  • Very sad news.

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    I will be honest. I don't know you at all but I heard that you were an incredible man and did a great service for the 29th. No one deserves to die, thank you for your service T/4 Hauser. Salute

  • This guy is the nicest guy I knew in the 29th. He was always willing to help. After one night drill I told him how impressed i was with his spotting and, unexpectedly, he spent close to an hour with me after the drill teaching me how to spot and to use the binocs to spot movement. Since that day I really liked him. He was even willing to run special drills to show us a lot of what he learned. I was very excited to have him back. As a fellow member of CP1S2 he was a joy to play with. His sudden passing makes me regret not talking to him more also as a talented fellow software developer.

  • Rest in piece T/4 Hauser. I didn't know you really that well but it sounds like you were one hell of a guy.


  • I can still remember how dedicated T/4 Hauser was to Lighthouse the beginning of his 29th Career and forward. From then on I developed a friendship with him and had a great time hanging out in discord or hitting up a few games and even introducing me to a few of his friends. It truly saddens me to hear about this.

    Rest in peace old friend

  • Glad I had the chance to game with you last week, see you on the other side.


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    Breve enim tempus aetatis satis longum est ad bene honesteque vivendum - Cicero

    Bene vale

  • Rest In Peace


  • Unfortunately, I was not privileged by knowing T/4 Hauser personally.
    However, from what I have read, from every single post so far, you T/4 were a great guy, with great enthusiasm and commitment!
    It is than, because of this a shame that we have to say goodbye from you this soon, you have meant a great deal for the 29th making people their stay more pleasant.

    I feel, the following quote is in place. Heroes aren't just those who run in front of everyone, risking their own lives for others.

    A Hero is someone, who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
    ~Joseph Campbel

    You have given a part of your life, to make the 29th a better and greater place. A hero you are.
    My condolences will go to his relatives and family, I hope it is a consolation knowing he was a well respected and loved member of the 29th.

    Fallen but not forgotten!
    Rest in peace T/4 Hauser
    And for one last time, Salute

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    Rest in Peace T/4 Hauser. Sadly, I didnt know him very good but the last talk we had with PFC Vogel was very enjoyful. He was so excited to come back and he had many plans. But this is life, it doesnt care about those things. But when i look up this thread, I´m pretty sure his name will be remembered as one of the finest guys in the 29th! This is what death can´t take from us.

  • Rest in peace T/4 Hauser. And thanks for all the things u did in the 29TH.

  • Rest in Peace T/4 Hauser


  • RIP T/4 Hauser.


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