Arma 3 Battalion Server - Questions

Hey everyone, long time no see ;). I had some quick questions regarding the A3 server, I've trolled about the forums with no solid answers.

  1. Are you all still active on A3? If so, what times can I catch y'all on for some pub play?

  2. Is there a masterlist of mods needed to play on the server?

  3. Are the required mods all available on the steam workshop or do I have to venture elsewhere to get them in order to play on your servers?

I'm finally able to run A3 pretty decently, and I figured this was the best place to start up again in Arma, hope to catch yall on!

EDIT: I'm also quite LOST with this game right now, I can do single player stuff but I'm in over my head as far as multi goes... Maybe some of yall can show me the ropes if you get the chance.


  • Yep, Charlie is the ArmA3 Company.
    We have a simple to subscribe to Steam Mod collection

    Plus everyone is lost in ArmA, You’ll be up to date by the end of BCT.
    And it’s nice to hear from you Pendy!

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