29th NHL Hockey Pool

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Gibson and I discussed doing a 29th NHL Hockey Pool this year. We are undecided on whether we would do a straight pool (anyone can pick anyone 12 forwards, 6 defence, 2 goalies) or try and organize a date for a draft pool (player used only once for whomever gets the pick), also takes a few hours to do. Third option is a fantasy draft which you would need to pick new players every week. Id set us up on a pool website so we can monitor throughout the season, maybe allow 2 trades through the year. I guess we are just looking to see who is interested and what the circumstances that you prefer are. So I made a quick survey, just copy and paste in this thread your responses and we can go from there. By posting in this thread im assuming you are interested in being in the pool.

1) Straight Pool, Draft Pool, Fantasy Pool?
2) If you answered draft pool, could you meet on Team Speak Wednesday October 3rd at 9:30EST to do the draft?
3) Would you want to make a cash pool of 5 or 10 dollars or keep money out of it? Winner wins pot, runner up gets their entry fee back. Yes, No, Either?
4) Comments/Suggestions:


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    1) Straight or Draft Pool for me.
    2) Yes
    3) Either
    4) Comments/Suggestions:

  • 1) Straight Pool
    2) I would prefer 10:00 PM, will end up being late.
    3) Either
    4) I would suggest we do the straight pool since some people may be deterred from the weekly management

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