Superior Unit Citations (Able)

These two Able Company squads have been recognized as being the best performing in their respective Platoons. They have distinguished themselves in every respect and their performance during and outside drills is exemplary. The following members of these Able Squads are receiving the Superior Unit Citation for their efforts. These members will wear the SUC on their jacket for the next six months, at which time the top squads will be re-evaluated and the SUC will potentially shift to another squad.

PFC Devseli PFC Hauger
T/5 Stachurski T/5 Simpson
PFC Valiūnas PFC O'Meara
PFC Zupančič PFC Scienski
PFC Digenopoulos PFC Chang
PFC MacDonald PFC Zúñiga
PFC Lungu Pvt. Castellano
PFC Valitutto


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