Honorable Discharge (Kelly J. Fritz)



This is to certify that

Kelly J. Fritz     Cpt.     Dog HQ

was Honorably Discharged from the


on the 5th day of October 2018. This certificate is awarded

as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service


DATE: 5/10/2018


U.S. Army 29th Infantry Division, ATTN: AHRC-OP-S, 1 Reserve Way

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

SUBJECT: Unqualified Resignation

1.I hereby tender my unqualified resignation as an Enlisted Soldier in the

United States Army under the provisions of Chapter 6, Section III,

AR 135-175.

2.I understand that if my resignation is accepted I am entitled to an

honorable separation and will be furnished an Honorable Discharge

Certificate. I understand that I cannot resign if I am a statutory obligor.

Kelly J. Fritz
Kelly J. Fritz
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Captain Commanding Officer Dog Company
Rank Position Platoon/Squad

It’s very strange to be writing this letter. I knew that one day I’d have to make the realization that I would have to step down, but I had hoped for so long that it would not actually come. Life at this current moment is changing quite a bit. I’m in my thesis semester for my Masters degree, I’ve recently accepted a full-time job in my field, and sometime next year I plan to be moving out into a place of my own. Although I’m accustomed to change, as I’ve always managed to make my 29th life work, it recently hasn’t been to the degree in which I’d be happy with. While in leadership, I’ve always tried being as active as anyone else. Being hands-on and there for everyone. The past year has been difficult with school, but more and more I’ve been realizing how hard its been trying to keep up what I expect of myself as a leader. I’ve seen myself become the absentee leader and that was someone I never wanted to be. Rather than try to keep up false appearances, I’d rather be upfront with all of you because that is what I feel you all deserve from me and what I’ve expected from all of you these past few years.

When I entered Leadership in AP2 all those long years ago, I never imagined (Very cliche granted how many people say this but its true) that I would get to where I am now. Running a platoon or being an officer seemed like a pipe dream that just didn’t seem tenable for me. Yet, here we are. I’ve had the luxury of running AP1 and of managing both Able Company and the year-old Dog Company.

My time in AP1 and those that served with me were by far some of the most action-packed and glory filled times that I have had in any sort of gaming experience. I know many of you have moved on, but to those of you who are still around and are still kicking, I want to mention that despite the distance between us or how our paths lead to different outcomes, I’m very proud to have been your Platoon Leader. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. You guys were a base for me to what otherwise was a very personally tumultuous time. I hope the drills, SLT lessons, and winning of numerous scrims have in some way paid back that debt I feel I owe you.

Likewise, being the Commanding Officer of Able Company was quite the ride. No matter where you are in the unit, I could not be more proud to see all that we have accomplished. Though I wished to have accomplished more with more scrims and more Squad vs. Squad and Platoon vs. Platoon matches that we did before the split, I’d like to think that we did quite a bit regardless. Now look at us, with our membership spread about in three companies and many former Able Company members literally leading the way in crucial Squad and Platoon level positions, I know that all of you will influence others to follow in the same steps, keeping up the same standards and level of professionalism that we held each other to.

And Dog Company, the real challenge. When I took over Able, I was handed a large company that has its infrastructure set in stone. All I had to do was use those resources to do cool things and build leadership for the future. With you bunch, I had to establish the foundation and ensure that with or without me, you guys would have the aptitude to do all that would be necessary to maintain yourselves and grow. And a year in, I’m confident in saying that you guys will be all right and that I’m leaving you in more than capable hands with 1Lt. Derbyshire at the helm. What I learned from leading Dog is that it isn’t one person that makes the difference in how things are done or how a fun time is had, but rather, it takes the commitment of everyone to make something, like a company, work. Without the Squad Leadership and the Platoon Leadership of this company, I can say that none of our success would have been possible, so to everyone, thank you for making this past year one of many trials and successes that have aided in my own professional growth. You all deserve a pat on the back and despite me not being around to continue my watchful eye over you, you have no excuse to not continue to grow and to “git gud”.

For those who have been close to me or have drawn some weird form of inspiration because I’m simply higher up the CoC, my departure should not upset anything. The 29th runs because people decide it should. With that said, and as I said before the split to Able Company, the 29th works because people step up, take command, and make the unit a better place for everyone else in it. Whether that be in leadership, staff jobs, or recruitment, the unit in order to be the fun place that it is, needs everyone on board to make that happen. No single person is going to do it all for you, you need to have some sort of responsibility for your happiness and experience here. The 29th is fraternal in many ways and has been a sort of home for me for almost 5 years. Although I plan to be back in about a year, I will miss it. Till then Ever Forward.


TLDR: Git Gud
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  • I knew this guy was washout material when I got him in my squad all those years ago. Good riddance. ;)

    But honestly your very presence made the 29th a more charming experience, for me at least, with your contributions to the unit and impressive work ethic that you've maintained throughout your 29th career (after I initially and mercifully chose not kick you out of my squad and the unit!) have been a marvel to witness. While most of the details will be forever behind closed doors from most members in the unit, know that I acknowledge you and the effort you have dispensed and Salute you with sincerity.

    Auf Wiedersehen Herr Fritz, let's sieg and angriff stuff again some day.

  • edited October 2018

    I hope you can still stop by from time to time. I enjoyed severing under you in able. So Git Gud..


  • You'll be back.

  • You can't quit, YOU'RE FIRED! But for real, hurry back and until you do, I'll harass you on Facebook.

  • Deeply sadden by seeing you are gone but respect this decision as any other one you were up to while we were together in Able. Hope to see you back one day. Be well,Cpt.


  • Dont forget, you are here forever!

  • Tschüß Herr Hauptmann!

  • Thank you for all you have done for Dog and for giving me a TeamSpeak description. Please be back soon and good luck on your Master Thesis!

  • It has been an honor to serve under you in Dog Company Cpt. Fritz. I wish the very best for your thesis and your new career. Everything is built upon the foundations you set, and it is evident that you have crafted a strong foundation indeed for your future self. Good fortune to you always Sir!

  • From being the Company leader of Dog to taking over a office Captain Fritz was quite the guy in the time I have known him and I wish all the good luck in his Thesis and personal life! Salute

  • Well, I am shocked to see you leave, but RL has it's ups and downs and commitments have to be fulfilled in a way or another, good luck in your thesis and your job sir!

  • See you around, Cpt. Fritz! Good luck, see you soon!

  • Best of luck Sir!

  • Good Luck with life Cpt. Fritz!

  • Come back to us soon Cpt.

  • Never thought I'd see you discharge, as you were always there. Definately one of the coolest people in leadership and among officers!

  • See you soon Captain. Thank you for all you've done for the Battalion.

  • Auf Wiedersehen Sir!


  • Take it easy Fritz, I'll be sure to drop by to give you grief.

  • While I miss our days as squad mates I do look forward to seeing you around again. Good luck with your thesis. (And don't procrastinate!)

  • All the best to you, Cpt.!

    Your name was always a familiar one that I remembered fondly as I returned to the unit a few weeks back.

    Although our relationship might have been that of a far-distant private and Cpt., please rest assured that your presence within the unit has left a profound impact on all levels of the CoC (myself included) and that with your - hopefully as short-lived as it is respectfully earned - departure from the unit begins for us all the task of upholding a legacy and work ethic you have helped built over your several years of dedication within it.

    Be it within the 29th once you return or within your professional and personal lives, I wish to you all of the strength of will necessary to push on ever forward towards your goals and aspirations, reaching above and beyond any potential expectations.

    Godspeed, Cpt., and Ever Forward!

    • Pvt. Greeves
  • An honourable and gracious step away Captain proud to of served under you and you genuinely made Able days golden. Good luck on your thesis (even though Harvard referencing will never be as good as Oxford ;))


  • You'll be missed! Good luck and god speed in your current adventures!

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