Four Years of Service (Jamie N. Stray)

Sgt. Butler said:

Cpl. Stray is one of CP2's squad leaders. He's also one of the most stalwart members of the 29th I've encountered in my time here. Him and I go way back to the glory days of Darkest Hour and even back then, he was at the forefront of the 29th's success, going from a lowly PFC to a 2Lt. and platoon leader. I'm pleased beyond words to have him back and in our platoon as one of its core pillars. His willingness to go above and beyond, be it through his numerous staff positions or his determination to assist any and all around him who may need it, makes him an asset to the platoon, the company and the 29th on a level that can only be rivaled by few. He's now been with the 29th for a total of four years. Thus, it is due time for him to be awarded his eighth AOCC along with his second World War 1 Victory Medal. Congratulations Cpl. and keep up the great work.


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