Superior Unit Citations (Charlie)

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Sgt. Halls said:

I am lucky to lead some of the best soldiers in the 29th and choosing the recipient of the Superior Unit Citation is always a difficult task. While every single soldier in first platoon has excelled over the last six months, this squad stood above the rest – epitomizing what it means to be in the 29th. With consistent performance on the battlefield and the highest attendance in first platoon, these gentlemen continue to set the standard for everyone else. It is with great pleasure that I award the superior unit citation to CP1S1 – “the Dirty First”. Solid hustle gentlemen and congratulations on your well-earned award.

Sgt. Butler said:

Over the past six months, CP2S1 has experienced a complete rebirth. Under the guidance of new and very capable leadership in the form of Cpl. Stray and T/5 Vonk the squad has seen a meteoric rise in its performance. Their attendance as a squad for the past 90 days currently sits at an impressive 78%, they have had no AWOLs since July, the attitudes of its individual members is always without critique and their performance on the field is always satisfactory. With all this in mind, CP2S1 will be awarded the Superior Unit Citation for their performance over the past six months and the great example they set across the unit. Congratulations and keep up the stellar work.

These two Charlie Company squads have been recognized as being the best performing in their respective Platoons. They have distinguished themselves in every respect and their performance during and outside drills is exemplary. The following members of these Charlie Squads are receiving the Superior Unit Citation for their efforts. These members will wear the SUC on their jacket for the next six months, at which time the top squads will be re-evaluated and the SUC will potentially shift to another squad.

Sgt. Dott Cpl. Stray
PFC Robertson T/5 Vonk
T/4 Erb T/4 Burg
T/4 Phariss PFC Carter
T/5 Vogel PFC Griffith
T/5 Pinto PFC Hekmatyar
PFC Ivanov PFC Hardy
PFC Brady PFC Gates
PFC Spencer Pvt. Martinez
Pvt. B. Williams Pvt. Wassili
Pvt. Ashton


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