Badge (Christian D. Robles) 

Well, SSgt. Robles has a very interesting past with Lighthouse it seems. He has always been there when the office needs, either as an Enlistment Liaison or helping out as part of the BCT staff (both of which he has come back to time and time again when the need arose). Eventually, the SSgt. settled down and has helped out with BCT for Easy Company pretty much since its creation. Earlier this year, SSgt. Robles became a full-blown Drill Instructor for Squad. The SSgt. has always done an excellent job wherever he was in the office, and as expected, his work as a Drill Instructor is no exception. I'm sure that all of the recruits (as well as the guests) that have been lucky enough to attend the SSgt.'s BCT have emerged with some new knowledge that will serve them well in the future. For all of his hard work and dedication to the office as well as the unit, I am happy to award SSgt. Robles the Drill Sergeant Badge. Congrats!


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