Recruiter Badge (Matthew J. Brenholen)

Cpt. Fritz said:

During Cpl. Brenholen's somewhat short tenure here in the unit, Cpl. Brenholen has been able to amass 50 recruits for Dog Company. Without his commitment, Dog Company may not be here today as the second largest Company in the unit. Of his massive pool of recruits, nearly half are still with us, showing he is not just committed to recruiting but also retention. Two of these members includes a newly instated Squad Leader Cpl. Nguyen and newly instated Assistant Squad Leader PFC Lord. I have no doubt that in time, Cpl. Brenholen will continue to rack up the recruits that will feed Dog Company's continued growth, and will most likely continue getting the good ones we seek to be leaders in this unit. On this subject, I don't feel there is more to add. His tenacity is unmatched in the company and has been a model for other leadership to follow as they get more recruits. I am proud to award Corporal Brenholen the first Recruiter Badge in four years.


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