Two Years and Six Months of Service (Forrest W. Warner)

@“2Lt. Nelson” said:

There are few people in the 29th that I know I could trust with anything. Any task, and objective, any mission, anything. Cpl. Warner is one of those guys. Since he was but a buck private under my command in S1, Warner has displayed a level of competence and maturity that is highly sought after here in the 29th. This disciplined young buck quickly climbed through the ranks to take the reigns as SL, and lead the "Dirty First" so many a victory - all while maintaining the solidest of hustles. After a brief (relative) hiatus from the unit, he has since returned and been thrusted into the lead of S3. We look forward to seeing what he can do with "The Husters", and are proud to have him back among our ranks. With a total service time of 2 and a half years, we are proud to award you your 5th AOCC. Congratulations!


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