Honourable Discharge (Nicholas J. Phariss)

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This is to certify that

Nicholas J. Phariss     T4     CP1S1

was Honorably Discharged from the


on the 30th day of October 2018. This certificate is awarded

as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service


DATE: 19 JULY 2018

U.S. Army 29th Infantry Division, ATTN: AHRC-OP-S, 1 Reserve Way
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

SUBJECT: Unqualified Resignation

1.I hereby tender my unqualified resignation as an Enlisted Soldier in the
United States Army under the provisions of Chapter 6, Section III,
AR 135-175.

2.I understand that if my resignation is accepted I am entitled to an
honorable separation and will be furnished an Honorable Discharge
Certificate. I understand that I cannot resign if I am a statutory obligor.

Nicholas J. Phariss
Name (Type or Print)
Technician, 4th Grade Crewman Charlie Company, First Platoon, First Squad
Rank Position Platoon/Squad
Well, here it is. Life is catching up to me. I’ve attempted to write this a few times to do justice in this goodbye, but Six years and nearly Nine months of time spent over a period of Eight is difficult to span in a single write up. The first thing to get out of the way, for those of you reading this, is the ‘why’.

The last few months have been one of the larger roller-coasters in my life – the pride and joy in completing my Bachelor’s Degree was snatched away by a 30 day ‘no cause’ notice, effectively dooming me to homelessness. A last-minute victory and move to a home that would allow me to keep my family together was coupled with the dread of two months with no household income and the complete exhaustion of savings. A job offer and hiring was coupled with a health scare, simply a ‘scare’ that thankfully didn’t pan out. These last few months were filled with more turmoil and uncertainty than I’ve ever experienced – Military time included.

I’m happy to say things have levelled out in my favor – but at a cost. The job I managed to land is honestly a career – a place filled with people that care, where education is paramount and advancement and personal growth are valued (It’s a MSP for those of you that don’t know). I look forward to my job when I wake up, even the worst parts of it – because I have a clear means of advancement and a goal placed upon me by my CEO that will one day utilize my Degree and passion of Education.

Meanwhile, I’ve been paying a ludicrous amount of rent, and on a hunch and encouragement I was told to speak to a Realtor and Loaner – as it stands, I have been approved for a VA Home Loan. What a turn of events – to think in June I was sure to be homeless. The hard work and time I’ve spent in the Service and in School are paying off – I’ve really lucked out this time.

So, what is the cost? My time. As it stands, I am putting my efforts into my career because of what they have afforded me, and what is on the line if I slack now. This means late nights, overtime, studying, searching for homes, and another move. My attendance through the last few months has been nothing short of poor, and unfortunately as it stands for the 29th , it will not improve. It’s time for me to hang up my tanker’s hat so to speak and take a step back.

My time in the 29th has been a rewarding and meaningful one. I feel I have friends here that are as close if not closer than real world counterparts, and I’d like to think a few of you enjoy my company as much! What makes the 29 th are the people – and what a great group of folks I’ve had the privilege to meet! From Sgt. Gjerstad, my DI, to Hartstock and JoJo, my first squad leadership in AP3S1 way back in the last months of my time stationed in Europe, to the many years had after with Charlie Company, as we traversed from Darkest Hour to ARMA 2: I44 and finally ARMA 3, I’ve had quite a hell of a time, making memories I will never forget.

Just about every veteran of Charlie Company, who has a rainbow or is nearing it, knows me well enough from my constant annoyance and ridiculous behaviors – I had a blast with you guys. For others, it was shared gaming, D&D, and just generally having fun. There are at least 100 games on the side I know I’ve played with 29thers. Despite me already naming names, I’d like to point out here and now that I will probably not get to everyone, so don’t take any offense if I miss you. This is in somewhat chronological order. . .

T/4 Carl J. Ternby – TERNBY! I’m starting with you! Your service record shows a different TP, but I can swear left and right you were there for the 362 nd ! If so, you have the watch now. I don’t think any more of us really exist, sadly.

SSgt. Hartstock (ret.) – You were the first 29ther I met of the rank and file outside of BCT – and my first Squad Leader at that. I think we hit it off fairly well, and the impression you left on me helped me stick around and work the 29 th into my then Active Duty schedule. Even after I left Italy and transferred to the EST Charlie Company, we kept in good contact and played games as often as we could. I enjoyed meeting you as a fresh Boot in the Corps, roles reversed as the NCO – lmao. I think running around Pendleton and Twenty-Nine Palms was a blast – and I consider you a good friend. I hope all is well in Japan, and if you ever read this know you can reach out whenever. We need to do a stuart run, somehow, someway in the future.

Sgt. Sung (ret.) – I place this rank here as this is how I knew you – you were my first Squad Leader in Charlie, CP1S2, and quite the inspiration to behold for anyone wanting of leadership. Your drills are the talk of legend – and I hope they continue to be. You shaped and strengthened my ability to contribute to the squad and gave me my path to my first AIT, helping me every step of the way with a firm but fair demeanor. I hope all is well up North and if you read this, cheers!

T/4 Frank – May I someday know what you look like! That is the meaning of life in Charlie Company, if you didn’t know. You were among one of the first people I met in Charlie and have since for many, MANY years gamed, argued, laughed, and cried with. From the extra time you took to hone my then Combat Engineer skills, to the late night debates and laughable times in Planetside, I have enjoyed playing games with you, however wild they get! I intend to continue that from time to time, and I do not intend to stay a stranger. I have full intention of debating you every so often. Be prepared. Also expect a deep hum from time to time that drowns out all of living earth.

2Lt. Bergstrom (ret.)– Berrggggg. We still keep in touch, but man oh man did you shape my path in the 29 th . I got so sick of the taunting whilst shooting at you I decided to toss aside the Bazooka and become your driver to enjoy it even MORE. You were one of the people that opened the idea of tanking to me. Countless hours spent pubbing and manning your tank developed me into the competent tanker I became. When it got to the point of silent operating and unspoken knowledge, I knew we were quite the crew to face for any would be CE or tanker.
Since then you have grown into a great friend, through good and bad and downright angry times as we tend to keep in touch on much more than gaming. You are a highly intelligent and informed individual that has opened my eyes and provided some of the better and interesting debate and thought I’ve had with conversing. Keep on keeping on, and if you read this know we need to get some gaming in there too when possible.
CP1S4 for life.

CIVIL AFFAIRS CORPS! – Hey folks! I was certainly under different people many moons ago but taking on the role of a Journalist provided me with motivation to learn some really neat things about the 29 th , and World War II. As a matter of fact, when my Chief was looking for someone to share a Friday ‘History’ segment on the ship, my article on the Willy D (I’m not linking it! Go on the 29 th front page and find it!) was chosen and gave me the duty of doing a minor version in the Navy of such articles. Keep doing what you are doing and find those interesting and niche things like, I don’t know, the battle between the USS Borie and U-405. Hint hint!

CP1S2 of Old – My memory downright sucks, but those few months were amazing. That squad at that time was an absolute blast, and there will be many names from it not mentioned here. Know that I enjoyed our time in DH together! Advance to Contact!

Fsgt. Balzer – The gritty and grumpy old Platoon Sergeant is how I met you and how I will always envision you. You do a lot for Charlie Company and for the people you spend so much time on – and I thank you for that. I know our path has been a bit bumpy, but especially in my years running the admin side of things as your clerk both in Platoon and Company HQ, we had a good time. I enjoyed gaming with you in and out of the 29th . You are someone I genuinely look forward to chatting up when I can, and I hope that continues.
You’ve given me a phobia of girlish giggling and lightning.

Des Bois – I don’t know where you are, but as I write this I seriously miss you man. Without you . . . WE’RE NOT FINE! (Sorry had to do it)

Her Majesty’s Royal Naval Officer Stewart – You are one of my longtime friends in the 29th , and you know even here I am going to tease you over our similar paths. You were a hell of a tanker, and a great person to have around. I plan to keep in contact with you where I can, and I hope all is well out at sea should you read this.

2Lt. Turczyn (ret.) – I hope I spelled that right. Our interactions were brief at times, but you were paramount to one of the most memorable and successful moments of my time in the 29th – the destruction of 2 nd SS Panthers, whilst receiving orders from a pissed-off, intense screaming PFC version of me. Should you read this, I hope all is well and things are going well with your line of work.
%&^%)*@#%@)%&@)_(%&#@)&%@@% GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Corporal Rogers (Ret). – You were a hell of a bud and a great man to have on your side in any scuffle – we had our times, but I really enjoyed the consistency of joking and getting the whole channel to burst into laughter. I also will not forget when you were in Vegas and the good times we had. I hope all is well and the Frozen North is not as bad as I hear it gets around this time of year. Did you ever play Euro Truck Simulator 2? Just because you are a trucker . . .

2Lt. Moates (ret.) – You are simply an awesome human being, and the 29 th is lacking without you man. I get a chance from time to time to talk to you – and I hope all is well with your business and family. You were a great person to have around and did your utmost for the unit. If you get a chance to read this, know you were one of the people that really helped me up when I was down, and did more than you might imagine for others. Yes, that half-track is flipped over.

T/5 Zim – Hueh- Ok. In all seriousness, it has been both infuriating and enjoyable to have you around. You introduced me to ‘The Hue’ and the whole internet buzz of Brazilians and their trolling – which is a constant source of amusement. You can be a hell of a target to come up against and just as much an asset when friendly. Keep on with your hues and continue sniping targets from across the map/hiding in plain sight. 7-1 (Had to rub that in, sorry)

Sgt. Clyde – How I knew you, Leader of the Squatoon. It was a blast attending your drills and chatting with you about the service among other things. For the short time that you joined the dirty first, it was a blast to fight side by side with you and do our crazy charges that, surprisingly, worked. I hope all is well and know that, as much as I had to give the Spartans trouble, I think they were a great group of people to run with.

SSgt. Selleck (ret.) – In a rather dark time for Charlie Company, you helped get CP1S1 off it’s feet and lead it to fun times, keeping retention and taking a merger that could have very well led to disaster to a strong bond between a hodge-podge of people from all over Charlie. You were an awesome squad lead and a blast to play with. I hope all is well and you are paint-balling to your heart’s content.

Sgt. Erb – I didn’t really know you until the merger – but I’m glad I ended up in the same squad as you, and eventually fell under your leadership of what would become the Dirty First. You are an awesome person, the grumpy vet who is a hell of a shot with a zook and has a bullet magnet in place of a helmet – but also one of the better people to crew vehicles with. I enjoyed the many times we ended up together in vehicle and out, and the antics and crazy situations we got ourselves in over the years. I fully intend to keep up with you, chatting and gaming as much as possible – west coast is the best coast! %*$)(@)# Fish?!

Captain Hill – I did not know you so well until the merger. As fate would have it, my then clerking ability thrust me into Company HQ. Our time spent on Company matters allowed a great deal of banter, chatting, and gaming. All of the work you do behind the scenes to keep Arma 3 running is astounding, and oft goes without saying. Thank you for your hard work and all of the time you put into letting these folks continue to game. I do enjoy the times I get to speak and play with you, and hope to continue to do so!

Msgt. Conrad – From Asbravn to refugees in the forest, rocket cars and firefights, we’ve done a lot of gaming together. I’ve enjoyed the intensity and wild times we’ve gotten into. I hope your school year is going well – I don’t know how you do it, juggling all of the work of teaching combined with 29 th leadership and administration! I’d like if at some point we can game again, be it tabletop or otherwise!

LTC Wheatley – From working with you in administrative duties to flying you as a gunner in attack helo’s, it’s been one hell of a ride! I don’t think I’ve had the chance to talk to you as much as I have in the past, but I did enjoy your guesting of our drills from time to time, and especially the vehicle madness we got into. Rocket cars included, of course! I will keep in touch, and I hope we can game from time to time!

2Lt. Nelson – One of the hodge-podge that joined in the merger, I think we’ve had a blast together. It was something watching you ascend the ranks and take more and more responsibility as the years went by. You have the great CP1 under your wing, and a great group of people under your charge. It is quite a thing to think when we were gaming and you were a youthful PFC under Selleck and Erb that you would one day take the reins of the platoon! We need to game some more; including KoH. Uhhhhssaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh du. I had to.

Sgt. Dott – D00t. I’ve known you since the merger. As one of only seven people to grace Manitoba, it is both an honor and quite a privilege to have met you. But in all seriousness, I’ve known you for years, we’ve had a hell of a time in the Dirty First. You now have command, and an honestly outstanding group at your disposal. Keep up the hard work and kick rear! I’m getting tired of typing, but what I will say here and now is you actually topped Warner in the writings of my AOCCs. What was that phrase we used to say in Rocket League?

Cpl. Warner – Warner! You arrived in one of my absolute best Training Platoons – the stuff of legend and really what an ADI would hope for leading a bunch of recruits through BCT. Since then you swiftly raised through the ranks and ascended to leadership of the Dirty First yourself. It was a hell of a time following you into battle – the Dirty First made leaps and bounds under your tutelage. I also had a blast meeting you when you were in Vegas. I’m glad to see you back in leadership – S3 will do well under your care. Keep in touch and don’t become a stranger!

PFC Burkhardt – BURKY! From being the ASL during the Triad of us three, to building and scripting amazing Operations works, to just day to day banter, you are a pretty cool guy and great to have around, on and off the battlefield. From the many hours of tired discussion into the night to insane battles with the Dirty First, I hope all is well with you in S3 under Warner again. Keep the positive attitude and show these guys the insane clutches you can pull.

THE DIRTY FIRST! CP1S1! – This squad has been through thick and thin, given the short stick so many times it doesn’t know what a long one looks like, and continues to rough it regardless. This squad has had it’s moments of absolute glory – such as the Captains OCS (Beautiful defense, Gentlemen), and is oft the reason that tactics come to the question in leadership chat. I’m on page 6 of a word document right now, and while there are many names that I could speak on as I look at the discharge history, I will keep it to those active who I’ve not already mentioned.

T/5 Vogel – You are my battle-buddy through and through, man. We can take the damn world when put together. I hope your student teaching isn’t kicking your rear too much – I know your pain, and you are always welcome to vent to me on the topic of teaching and what happens in school. You arrived and made a quick ascension – and with good reason. You are a natural at planning and carrying out the movement of squads to companies, and to full fruition. You can pull the clutch of shifting in a combat scenario like no other, and many victories of the dirty first are attributed to you, begrudgingly to fellow Charlie members, no doubt. I hope we continue to chat it up and play games as time goes on. The Dirty First will continue to benefit from having you – may you enjoy that rifle and be the bane of our adversaries! That run with the mounted jeep will be the stuff of legend.

T/5 Pinto – The Machinehuer. I am glad to have played alongside you for so many years! Keep that AR fresh and enjoy mowing down those who dare cross it! You are a long time 29 th er with some real tricks and understanding up your sleeve these newer folk could learn by shadowing you. Keep it up and I hope to chat with you as the time goes by.

PFC Brady – I’m sorry for calling this out, but it is really awesome to play alongside a person who really wore the Blue and Gray in their lifetime. I’ve said it before, but haven’t said it in this post – the Dirty First is also the real world Veteran squad. You, Robertson, Erb, Vogel, myself, Spencer and Ivanov(? If this is wrong I apologize but I swear I’ve heard it) have all served in some capacity or another to our respective countries, and I think that has helped to build our respective friendships and bond as a squad. It’s been a relatively short, but great experience. Don’t you worry – I’ll be sure to spout the superiority of the Navy so you cannot forget!

PFC Spencer – Spencer! You are a hell of a combatant and an asset to the Dirty First. You are also a great Crewman and should not hesitate to take the role as needed. You’ve got a level head and a deadliness about you that, from my own inability (or ability to end up in the spectator box?) has allowed me to witness. I’ve enjoyed our conversations and gaming – I hope we continue to do so.

PFC Ivanov – You are one of the most patient and dedicated individuals I’ve ever come across. I have been impressed at the time and effort you put into learning such a complicated game as ARMA 3, and am glad you are part of the Dirty First! I say this, because from my teaching perspective, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone really take in and practice what is taught at drills as much as you do. You are leaps and bounds ahead of the brand new player you were, and I hope you continue to kick rear and take names with the Dirty First! I haven’t had a chance to talk to you much, but I hope I get to say hi from time to time.

PFC Robertson – Although recently made ASL, I love your drills and leadership. The Dirty First is pulling wonders now that you are teamed up with Dott, and though our time has been short, for aforementioned reasons and just in general I really get along with you and look forward to continued conversation and gaming as time permits. Keep it up with your drills and leadership, and the Dirty First will kick some serious rear.

PFC Carlson – As an honorable mention, I’ve got one thing to pass along to you, mostly to poke some fun at you, but also instill fear. MLT. You know what that means.

A unit like this with the people it attracts forms a bond of friendship that can last a lifetime if you care it to. There are many people I have not named as I fear this might be too long – but just know the 29 th is what you put into it, and it can have life lasting positive impact if you allow it to. I will miss the times I’ve had and will make every effort to visit when I can – but for now, I’ve one final piece of advice.

If you get your hands on a shotgun and need to clear an area, ask a member of the Dirty First what you are supposed to shout.
Reason for leaving
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30 OCT 2018


  • We are all saddened to see you go Phish but happy you're getting that life stuff done. We'll keep the commander's hatch unlocked for you and the engine warm. Don't be a stranger.

  • Aww hell no.

  • Sad to see this Pharris. Take care mate.

  • Sad to see you go, T/4 Phariss, thank you for everything you have done, and for being an example for many. Also with helping me in the past with my clerking work and making me who I am today. You have such a warm heart. Take care and hopefully see you return one day!

  • 20:59
    make a hole for Sgt. Fish
    I will probably be here when you come back.
    Fair winds and following seas my friend

  • This is really sad. But i am glad to hear you are doing fine Sgt.! Come back or visit us when you can man!

  • Why Phish whyyyyy??
    Seriously though, I understand that life sometimes makes us go through hell, but I'm really happy to know that you manage to get through all of that.
    I will miss you in the months to come, but like T/4 Erb said, we will be around when you come back. It is a fact that veterans from Charlie always return.. Always (Looking at you 2Lt. Turczyn)
    If you find some free time and want to hang out, just come to ts and lets play some stupid games.

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    I would be worried about you but I know you know how to swim. Don't be a stranger and I'll return the favor. Come back when everything is sorted. I'll be around to argue with whenever you have time to lose a debate. :wink: Take care friend.


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    How did I not know Fish was gone!? Daaaaaaaaaah

    I love ya, man! Good luck!

    Edit: Also this about Sgt. Dott: "you actually topped Warner in the writings of my AOCCs" is BS. Can't be done.

  • Ahhh, haven't been able to join Company drills for a very long time so I didn't know you'd discharged :( Sad to see you leave Pharris, but I definitely understand your choice since I too find it difficult to have time for Everything. I'll never forget our time back in AP3S1 in Darkest hour, and I also recall us being in the same TP (But it must be wrong on your profile, since i'm sure it was the 356th ;) ) It was awesome joining Charlie and seeing you in the first Company drill again! I wish you the very best and I really hope to see you come back very soon again! You're a great guy and it's people like you who make the 29th what it is! Take care

  • Just because I didn't say it some time earlier, MLT, I shall continue your reign of terror, god help the new Pvts of CP1.

  • Ah, Phariss. What a run, man. Hope to see ya around, don't be a stranger.

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