Award (Tom Viper)

edited November 2018 in Promotions and Awards

PFC Tilley said:

Pvt. Viper is an inspiration to everyone he meets. For a long time, he had maintained 100% attendance and was impressing leadership with his excellent in-game ability and sociability outside of drills. When his real life threw him for a loop, Pvt. Viper maintained communication and displayed unwavering dedication for the 29th. By Always showing exceptional customs and courtesies, displaying the utmost respect to everyone, and displaying a good attitude even through tough times, Pvt. Viper has set an example not only to other members of the 29th but to everyone that will ever meet him and hear his story. For being such a dedicated member of the 29th, and for just being an all around pleasant guy in general, he is being awarded with a Good Conduct Medal.


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