Award (Max Brown)

2Lt. Kear said:

PFC Brown willingly went out of his comfort zone during the platoon's time of need: transferring squads at short notice to fill in CP2's TO&E without complaint.

Alongside PFC Rodd these two CP2ers selflessly put the needs of the platoon above the needs of the individual. When S3 was experiencing manpower shortages these two stalwart beasts were sent to reinforce the squad and performed admirably in their new posting. Not only have these men demonstrated true altruism but their conduct before and after their transfer was also of the highest calibre.

Stepping up in a time of need is a quality we should all strive to emulate and for this it is a pleasure to award them a good conduct medal for going above and beyond what is expected. Congratulations PFC Brown, keep up the good work.


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