RS2 Scrim/Event Request: 508th PIR

508th PIR
2LT. B. Wookie - Chief Scrim Liason, Steam Profile Bush Woookie [508th PIR]
Preferrably a Sunday or Monday between 3pm to 7 pm EST between 2-4 weeks from today.
Realism,Skirmish or Campaign Mode.
Whichever server has the least amount of ping for both of our groups.
I would prefer minimum 12v12 but if you want to do more like 20v20 we could probably accommodate that.
Preferable Maps: Hue City, Cu Chi,Operation Forest.
Class Restrictions, 1 Radioman, 1 machinegunner, 2Pointmen/Scout, 1RPG/Grenadier, No Snipers, No Sappers/Combat engineers. All Weapons from restricted classess will be banned from use on both sides as the classes are restricted, so no flamers, pmn mines, scoped garand, mosins, m14s dragonuvs etc etc.
I look forward to hearing back from you guys about this Scrim/Event request, have a good day.

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