Award (Josh R. Enser) 

Cpl. Curran said:

I feel like I have been writing about Pvt. Enser a lot lately. Like a lot, and quite frankly I'm getting kinda sick of it. Is it our goal to inflate the ego of our squad members? Do we really want to see what this brings on? Of course we do. Why? Because he deserves it. Pvt. Enser is a machine, a recruiting machine. I have seen very few members of the 29th with the dedication to recruiting demonstrated by this private. So I suppose that means we will have to blow a little more air into the balloon, because he just won't stop. Congrats Pvt. Enser on earning a Good Conduct Medal. Now I don't want to have to write up another award for you for at least a month. Unfortunately, I don't think I will get my wish.


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