Cool Historical Finds

A guy my dad works with brought in a bunch of stuff today from his great grandmother's brother, who was a field artillery officer in WW1. He wrote Luke, the guy my dad works with, this telegram when he was 93 and Luke was 12.

In it, he tells about his experiences on 11/11/1918, and tells a very interesting story about his horse.

My dad asked to take him home to show my brother and I. I found it so interesting and figured I'd share it with you guys.

SUPER cool read, it's definitely worth it.

Luke brought in some of the things mentioned in the telegram, like the spurs and the original cease-fire orders.


  • I've always been fascinated by the human side of wars like these. It's one thing to read about battles, troop movements, and casualty numbers, and an entirely different thing to read about how the people who took part in them saw the events unfold. By some miracle, none of my ancestors saw combat in either world wars. My great-grandfather however was taken away by the Soviets during WW2 to the GULAGs, and he only returned in 1953. He kept a journal, but unfortunately it's in his native Ruthene, and no one in my family speaks Ruthene anymore.

  • Yeah, war is not fun!


    My Grandgrandpa in his uniform. Doctor wich served in WW1 as 2 Lt. and in WW2 as Major. Saved people from every nation.

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