Badge (Tanner J. Caillouet) 

Cpl. Gibson said:

PFC Caillouet and I go back to his first days in the 29th. He was one of the first new privates assigned to the EP3 when we were created back in May and was assigned to my former squad. I immediately took a liking to him and relied on him often to fill a variety of roles. He was often hard on himself, which while unnecessary, is a sign of someone who can "Get Good." When I had to leave my position in EP3S1, PFC Caillouet had just received his promotion, so I got to miss out on much of the fun of him learning the AR. When I learned I was coming back to leadership in EP3S3, I was very very excited to learn that I was getting Caillouet back, and he was already an almost polished AR. He quickly proved his worth to myself and Cpl. Curran and we feel it is time to get him his Automatic Rifleman Marksman Badge. Good work PFC, keep it up.


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