Two Years of Service (Wadih D. Eljuri)

@“Cpl. Warner” said:

"Like my close friend and confidant George Washington would say, I cannot tell a lie. While it shames me a bit, I do not know PFC Eljuri very well. Although this is not for lack of trying, as he often slips away after drills. I've even created a personal nickname of "The Elusive Eljuri" for him to reflect his ghostly ways. While that might sound like a sweet magician act, he's a "Hustler" by name and killing is his trade. PFC Eljuri is solid soldier and brings the heat when things get hairy, which is the most any SL can truly ask of his squad-mates. He's one of the building blocks of this squad that helps keep it sturdy and strong. So maybe I should amend this nickname and instead go with "The Enviably Essential.... yet Elusive PFC Eljuri." Maybe someday we can knock that "Elusive" off as well, eh? Congratulations on your first 2 years in the 29th and earning your fourth AOCC as well as your first World War 1 Victory Medal!"


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