Six Years of Service (Alex W. Crane) 

PFC Shields said:

All I knew about Cpl. Crane as he entered EP3S1 was he’s the old guy returning, the well-known 29th veteran, coming back to action. And let’s be honest, especially for relatively new guys like myself, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Luckily for EP3S1, we got a hell of a leader, a rival with the automatic rifle, and he came just in time to help push the squad for solid showing in EBOTS. His leadership experience is proving invaluable as he is taking command of the squad, where I look forward to working with him as ASL and gaining from his years of 29th combat and leadership experience. Therefore, it is my honor to congratulate Cpl. Crane on his sixth year of service and his twelfth AOCC!


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