Four Years of Service (Christian Runing)

PFC Baron said:

Sgt. Runing, for those who don't know the man consider yourself lucky. For those who do there should be little you don't know about him. He's the Dane that loves to shout in Russian, and shout in general, but in Squad One we know him as Papa Runing as he is the real papa Smurf for us. He has been a Squad Leader since Baker and he always loved the Cheeki Breeki plans that would either end in total disaster but (mostly) worked out ending up in a very angry opposition. If he could he would carry a BAR into battle screaming and cursing, in Russian of course. With all this it's still hard to beleive that has been with us for 4 years, therefore I would like to present him his 8th AOCC and 2nd WW1 Vic Medal. Congrats Cpl... I mean Sgt!


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