One Year of Service (Sondre Audunhus)

Cpl. Millin said:

Wow! Audunhus! What a GUY. 1 year? Wow! Wowowow! aren't we lucky to have such a nice guy in our squad. He's the MAN Sgt. Andersson and I can rely on. If we want something done professionally and efficiently. Audunhus is the man. This past year, we've seen Audunhus join Easy and quickly move through the ranks to PFC! he's great to be around and is a role model to those wanting to pursue their interests in the unit. LISTEN UP PRIVATES' COPY AUDUNHUS because he has it set! From the Sergeant and Myself, we wish to thank him for his service and hope he puts in the same amount of effort he clearly has been in the past year and enjoys this well deserved shiny.


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