Six Years of Service (Collin R. Kelso)

WO1 Robles said:

There is this one guy in Easy Company that is somewhat of an enigma. This individual has been around for a while and is known by many. Who is it that I may be referring to? Sgt. Kelso. Looking back to when I first met him, he was this calm and collected guy that only really said things when it mattered. All this time later and he hasn't really changed. I've had the privilege of working next to this guy for a good while now. I can truly say that he is one who deeply cares for his fellow platoon (or squad member). He may not always show it, but he's always looking to see if he can pat someone on the back for doing something outstanding. He's been doing this for a good while now. Recently, he reached a big milestone in the 29th: his sixth year in the unit. This makes him eligible to receive his 12th AoCC and his third WW1 Victory Medal. Congratulations Sgt. Kelso!


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