Six Months of Service (Nicholas M. Hussey)

Cpl. Crane said:

There is nothing more refreshing as a Squad Leader than to have someone who knows how the squad runs, knows how to behave, and will have fun doing it. This is why, in particular, I have come to be fond of our dear PFC Hussey. Whether its knowing how to best initiate our new recruits into the squad and envelop them into our unique culture or knowing exactly what my orders are going to be for an attack before I say them, that's PFC Hussey's place. He is a bright young leader of men, no doubt, and one that I can only say I am proud of. That is exactly why whenever PFC Hussey refers to me as his mother I can only smile and call him cute, for despite all his best qualities he has a face only a mother can love. Joking aside, I am excited to see PFC Hussey moving on further in the 29th as his interests in SLT have finally bore fruit and his utterly feverish passion for the new Armor AIT (matched only by his love of PFC Plaskiewicz) seems soon to follow. Good on you, PFC Hussey, and I hope to see you in six months!


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