Three Years and Six Months of Service (Robin Andersson)

Cpl. Millin said:

WHAT A MAN. Wow, Sgt. Andersson. A man of many talents (and yet none). How can we best describe him? A man who turned his squads attendance around from 60% a month to 90% a month. (Apart from his useless ASL). A man who inspired diligence in his men so they perform to their upmost? The list goes on.
When looking at a soldiers career, one must appreciate the ups and downs of membership. Yet for Andersson it seems to only ever get up. After coming from the Slums of able company and the S**thole that was AP4. He’s managed to go from success to success here in Easy. A chapter of his career I’m sure he feels proud of. We all feel blessed to have you with us and a wholeheartedly thank you on your 7th AOCC


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