Two Years of Service (Ashraf Berus)

Sgt. Dahl said:

When I heard that PFC Berus was coming to S2 not more than three months ago I though at least I can stick my head out of window now. If you've spent any time in the same game as Berus you know that he is usually one of the best rifleman in that game. Not only is he a great sniper but, he is also a good squad member to have around, he is willing to lead when the need arises and helps the new guys of S2 get comfortable around the 29th, not to mention he is also the musical talent in S2. All in all it is a good thing that Berus has been here for his first two years and lets hope that he is around for many more, so that even more people can be scared to peek any angle that he might be holding.


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