Seven Years of Service (Lucas W. Pinto)

Sgt. Dott said:

The Brazil nut is a tree which is a member of the Lecythidaceae (Le-sith-eh-day-C-I) family, it is also the name of the nut which is harvested from the tree. The nut is often used in various dishes or baked goods. Non-food related uses of the nut include using its oil as a lubricant in clocks, or in the making of cosmetics. A very special and very rare subspecies of the Brazil nut is the T/5 Pinto. The T/5 Pinto has many military applications, including suppressing and destroying targets, providing close range firepower, and enhancing a squads chances of victory. Non-military applications include providing heavy amounts of sarcasm and dry humor. The Brazil nuts lifespan exceeds 500 years, and the only known example of the T/5 Pinto has only just turned 7 years old. This hopefully means that the T/5 Pinto will be with us for many years to come. Congratulations T/5 Pinto on your 14th AOCC.


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