Award (Erwan Pirou)

FSgt. Cyr said:

For the first Dog Company Drill of the year we had done some rotating A/Ds on the map of Quang Tri when we get to the round where South Vietnam was defending the Bravo Objective (Roadblock Checkpoint is the objective name if I remember correctly) against the advancing North Vietnamese on their position. The South Vietnamese had dutifully and seemingly successfully repelled the attack force losing only a handful of their guys bringing it down to what should of been an easy cleanup of their 5-6 remaining troops to the North's sole survivor. That sole survivor was PFC Pirou, armed with just his double barrel shotgun and RPG (although he ended up tossing this bulky piece of equipment and stuck to just the proverbial boomstick), had proceeded towards the objective via the underground tunnel system. Hope proceeded with him as he had already caused the bulk of the South's casualties but all it was was hope, at first. Taking the time to peek out of the tunnels before advancing into the objective he quickly spotted Southern Republic troops in vantage points on the buildings and proceeded to launch his shots from the double barrel in their direction, and with deft aim and a bit of luck cleared out the overlook into the objective. At this point Pirou proceeded back through the tunnel system to get further into the objective and breach the actual defenses. This leads him to a building where he'd make his last stand against the remaining handful of defenders. Fighting his way into one of the buildings in the objective had been no feat of stealth and quickly had the remaining defenders surrounding the building and attempting to use overwhelming force to defend their objective from the last remaining Northern insurgent. It was at this point the PFC ditched his bulky RPG to use just the double barrel shotgun to eliminate the remaining defenders by running between the entrance and the windows/open roof to shoot at any defenders not having taken cover. This moment was very touch and go with the defenders attempting to use all their equipment and tactics remaining to try to clear him out of, grenades, automatic weapons, and I hope effective coordination and communication all against Pirou. The remaining battle one by one saw the defenders fall to Pirou with his constant movement and re-positioning keeping them guessing at every attempt to dislodge him from his building. This continued until all defenders had been eliminated leaving PFC Pirou having almost literally won the attack round single handily with a total of 10 kills of the entire 13 man enemy team. This was a very impressive display for the members of Dog Company who were present as well as the HQ members present there and as such HQ has deemed fit to award PFC Pirou for his actions, bravery, and service a Silver Star medal. Congratulations and fantastic work, PFC Pirou!


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