Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

With V finally on PC, I'm going to be bringing over the thread from the old forums started by Cpl. Veld.

29th Crew:

Heist up!


  • I'll be joining the crew once I get home. I'm really excited to play. Let's go rob some banks!

  • SSgt. Laggy i have an emblem made.

  • edited April 2015

    Add me to the crew.
    Msg me on steam guys. I want to do some big missions tonight

  • Add WhitestGolem72 for online lulz

  • rock star name is StylinT

  • Chadxscene is my name, add me up. I ported over my Xbox 360
    Character, so I'm like lvl 55.

  • MalumZeth is me im in the crew

  • Anyone want to do some heists and random fun at some point?

  • They are doing double payouts for certain heists, so if anyone's up for a heist I'll be on most days after work trying to get that moneys!

  • ^ same. PFC Stear and I play GTA 5 a lot, mainly the heists because we need the money. But maybe sometime a group of us can coordinate and play some other types of missions? Deathmatches, races, 6 play co op missions, last team standing, etc. I'm really big into GTA 5 and always looking for competent people to play with.

  • Add Cptjellybeans

  • Just bought GTA5, shoutout to black friday. I know this thread has been dead for a year but is anyone still playing ??

  • SO they just added some new crazy big heist to GTAV Online. Anyone trying to get together and do it? I haven't played in a while but I'm pretty sure I'm close to level 150, so I got most of the guns and such and have played a lot of the game not only on PC but PS4 as well.

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