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Just seen the standalone, bought it, and I love it. It's a great game. Anyone else play? I have trouble staying alive some times lol. I play with a couple buddy's and we try and use team work. I just like to win. Hit me up sometime if your down for a game.


  • A lot of the Charlie boys have it as well as officers. Indeed a fun game.

  • I play all the time! loves it.

  • Haven't played in a while, but it is great.

  • Great game. I actually met the developers in PAX East '14. Great bunch of guys. I got it.

  • If you don't own Insurgency now is a great time to get it! its only $4 on Steam.

  • I wanna bring this topic back to life. I love Insurgency, really fun game, I found a couple coop servers that allow 10+ players to the server. Custom maps, awesome loadouts (two primaries, two secondaries, unlimited supply points, etc) I'd like to start a 29th Insurgency group to get some guys together for these coop missions.

  • While I don't really want to play on pub maps, I'd certainly be up for some 29th action. PM me if you get a group going!

  • I just bought it on Humble bundle + 3 other games for 1$, great game.
    So if anyone is gonna make a playing sesion, do not hesitate to contact me!

  • @"PFC Olsen" said:
    I just bought it on Humble bundle + 3 other games for 1$, great game.
    So if anyone is gonna make a playing sesion, do not hesitate to contact me!

    I did just the same!
    enter image description here
    I don't like playing it alone, so defenatelly hit me up one time!

  • Hit me up too!

  • Well, there is a community mod project "Day of Infamy" currently undergoing for Insurgency, might be interesting...

  • Day of Infamy is cool but pretty laggy and buggy as of now. It crashes all the time when I play :/

  • I've been playing a bit of Day Of Infamy, and I would say it's decent, considering it's the actual game devs who are making this mod.

  • It would be awesome if we did a public scrim on Insurgency, are you guys down?

  • Pretty sure none of the pubbers will listen. I like the game well enough but the community is atrocious.

    It might be cool to hold an informal drill on Day of Infamy though!

  • I'm pretty sure it's really hard to establish a public scrim, since we would need a server to have the scrim on since we cannot just take over a server, and we would need quite alot of people, would be cool though and I would sure like to join.

  • I mean, we can either take over an empty server or host it. I'm pretty sure you can host your own dedicated server so that could work. PFC Andersson I meant having a 29th members only match, no pubbers. Day of Infanmy is not stable enough for a drill IMO, ppl would crash all the time. Well guys, I'll experiment with hosting servers and let you know if it works. The ideas are cool, let's get a group and make it happen!

  • I don't believe we would take over an empty server, since it would not be very nice to the guy hosting it, though hosting our selfs would be cool, but we would need quite alot to make it worth it I believe.

  • So many derka derka muhajmed jihad have been said In this game.
    I have this installed.


  • Dumpin loads on some terries
    Please let me know if you are interested in playing. I know I'm late to the party but I'm having tons of fun in this game.

  • @"PFC Bishop" i play sometimes

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